A weekend in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is tiny little town in the south of Vietnam and is easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City. We took a sleeper bus from HCMC that left at 7pm and dropped us off at our accommodation in Mui Ne around 1am. Super convenient! From Mui Ne you can take buses onwards towards Da… Continue reading A weekend in Mui Ne, Vietnam


I’ve just quit a job that I love to go travelling indefinitely. This is how I’m feeling…

Wednesday 19th April It's 11.30pm on an evening in the Easter Holidays and I'm lay in bed in the spare room of my parents home, thousands of thoughts racing through my mind. Emma awake at 11.30pm, you exclaim? I can't sleep and this is why: rather than book a flight home from our summer trip to… Continue reading I’ve just quit a job that I love to go travelling indefinitely. This is how I’m feeling…

amritsar, india

Amritsar & the Golden Temple

If you've heard of Amritsar, it's probably because of this place... The beautiful Golden Temple; an oasis of calm in a flurried city . Around 30 million pilgrims visit the temple each year and yet astonishingly it is still has an aura of peacefulness. We arrived in Amritsar, as always, after a long car journey. As… Continue reading Amritsar & the Golden Temple

india, shimla

Shimla – Queen of the Hills

Whilst working in India as part of the LRTT project (read more about this here), we were fortunate enough to enjoy a long bank holiday weekend away from the city heat in the beautiful hill station, Shimla. Early on Saturday morning, we headed north on the winding journey up to the Himalayas. Head of the former British… Continue reading Shimla – Queen of the Hills


My Indian LRTT fellowship

On the 31st July 2016, 24 British teachers arrived in Delhi airport as strangers. Over three weeks in a remote part of India we shared anecdotes from our days at school, collaborated on ideas for conferences and over shared one too many tales of ‘Delhi bellies’. We then spent a week travelling across the country… Continue reading My Indian LRTT fellowship

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Hoi An; the place I dream of on gloomy Monday mornings

Early last year, when I decided to visit Vietnam, I decided to ask some travelling friends where I should visit. The same place appeared at the top of everyone's list; Hoi An. After spending just two nights in the chaotic Ho Chi Minh City, we took a flight to Da Nang and then took a… Continue reading Hoi An; the place I dream of on gloomy Monday mornings

europe, iceland

South Coast Road Trip (Iceland)

Now, you've probably seen 'Road Trip!' and lots of excited emojis posted on instagram/facebook/twitter quite a lot and you then realise after delving further that these people are, more than likely, driving one hour up the road to Leeds, and probably back again in the same day. (I too may be a little guilty of this...)… Continue reading South Coast Road Trip (Iceland)

europe, iceland

Golden Circle, Iceland

You know that you're having a good day when you've just taken a very cold but breathtaking walk through Þingvellir national park and you arrive back at your rental car to eat lunch - bread, cheese, some interesting Icelandic meat and Skyr yogurt - and this little beauty of a 90's hit comes on the radio: The… Continue reading Golden Circle, Iceland

europe, iceland

24 hours in Reykjavík

It’s early April and we have finally embarked on the long awaited trip to Iceland after booking very reasonable flights through easyjet (thank you January sales!). After a ‘tough’ time at the airport -both our bags were searched going through security and I nearly lost Conor to the whiskey salesman in duty free – we… Continue reading 24 hours in Reykjavík

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Isle of Arran

Today was the last day of this school term and it's time for the very long awaited spring holiday... Hello two weeks of adventures! I've spent the evening browsing other travelers blogs on Iceland, as that's the destination that my boyfriend, Conor, and I are traveling to on Wednesday. This has resulted in an usual… Continue reading Isle of Arran