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New Zealand South Island: A 10 Day Road Trip

Whilst living in the UK, we always spent the school holidays catching flights to Europe as it was so close by. Now that we're living in Australia, catching a flight to New Zealand takes the same amount of time and costs the same amount as our previous travels to Europe. As we had never previously… Continue reading New Zealand South Island: A 10 Day Road Trip


Great Ocean Road

We landed in Melbourne in late October, having booked a last minute flight from Vietnam and declaring that we were 'finished with South East Asia'... or at least for the time being. Having spent a week or so acclimatizing to the city and confirming that this was where we'd like to stay for a while,… Continue reading Great Ocean Road


2 months on the road; an update 

Sunday 1st October marked our 2 month travel-versary. It's a weird feeling having done and seen so much every day for 2 months. Being in the USA feels like a distant memory and we only left under 4 weeks ago. I often wonder if we'd flown home after that trip would it seem really recent?… Continue reading 2 months on the road; an update 


Budget Saturday night in Las Vegas

Those two words can't go in the same sentence right? Think again. As many of you know, we now don't have a steady income and thus are living from savings. Budgeting is something that we have become experts at whilst saving for this trip. The USA was the most expensive part of our trip and… Continue reading Budget Saturday night in Las Vegas


A perfect day in New Mexico; a photo diary

I've told most of the people that I've spoken to but if you're not one of them, here's the news: I fell in love with New Mexico. Out of the 18 states that we visited, New Mexico definitely made the top 3 - I couldn't quite choose between there, New York and California! Scenically it's breathtaking, everywhere… Continue reading A perfect day in New Mexico; a photo diary


Bar hopping through Nashville

We spent three nights in Nashville and our main reason for visiting was to listen to some music and we were not disappointed... it is called Music City after all! There are a lot of music museums to see in Nashvillle but for us the 24 hour bars and the lure of the blues was… Continue reading Bar hopping through Nashville


Philadelphia & Washington DC; lessons in American history

After leaving New York, our first stop in our USA road trip was Philadelphia; the birthplace of the United States. As somebody from the UK who last did history at age 13, I am ashamed to say that I knew absolutely nothing about American history before I arrived. Fortunately, unlike when I was 13, I… Continue reading Philadelphia & Washington DC; lessons in American history


Three days in New York

Our first stop on our USA road trip (and round the world trip for that matter!) was the city often referred to as the big apple; New York City. An unusual first stop on a trip where we need to stick to a budget but it's somewhere that I've wanted to visit for as long… Continue reading Three days in New York

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Climbing Snowdon for beginners

Growing up just a stones throw from North Wales, I often tell fond tales of weeks spent exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside, mostly from the base of my grandad's caravan in Powys. So recently when Conor asked if I had ever climbed Mount Snowdon, my response almost surprised me; 'Well, in year 9 we went to Snowdon… Continue reading Climbing Snowdon for beginners

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Amritsar & the Golden Temple

If you've heard of Amritsar, it's probably because of this place... The beautiful Golden Temple; an oasis of calm in a flurried city . Around 30 million pilgrims visit the temple each year and yet astonishingly it is still has an aura of peacefulness. We arrived in Amritsar, as always, after a long car journey. As… Continue reading Amritsar & the Golden Temple