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Climbing Scafell Pike; England’s highest peak

Ten years ago myself, thirty other moody 14 year olds and the legendary Mr Cooper visited Seathwaite farm, near Keswick in the Lake District. It was part of our Geography GCSE course and we sure were thrilled to know that we were visiting the place with the highest rainfall in the UK! Fortunately for us, when we arrived the sun… Continue reading Climbing Scafell Pike; England’s highest peak

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Porto; a short guide

On the 31st August 2017, this beautiful lady turns 50! Hard to believe, I know... As I won't be here to celebrate with her, I decided to book a surprise trip. Unfortunately, keeping secrets is not my strong point and in a discussion that started with 'What is AirBnb again Emma?' I blurted out that 'Well… Continue reading Porto; a short guide

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How to spend one day in London

It might be, like myself, that you're in London for a course or for business and only have one day to see the sights. Alternatively you might have a stopover in London or perhaps you have taken advantage of cheap train tickets and made a day trip from elsewhere in the UK. Regardless of your reason,… Continue reading How to spend one day in London

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Top 5 things to do in Barcelona

With short, cheap flights from the UK, Barcelona is a popular spot for British tourists. The warm climate, along with reasonable prices make it an ideal destination for a short city break. We were lucky enough to spend a few days in the beautiful city and it's somewhere I always look back on with fond… Continue reading Top 5 things to do in Barcelona

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Climbing Snowdon for beginners

Growing up just a stones throw from North Wales, I often tell fond tales of weeks spent exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside, mostly from the base of my grandad's caravan in Powys. So recently when Conor asked if I had ever climbed Mount Snowdon, my response almost surprised me; 'Well, in year 9 we went to Snowdon… Continue reading Climbing Snowdon for beginners

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Les Mosses: A snow shoe hike

For our second hike in Switzerland, we were hoping to test out some snow shoes; kindly lent to us by Veronica and her son, Ilario. Fortunately, the evening before we made the trip there was heavy snowfall in the mountains so we would definitely be able to put our shoes to good use! We drove… Continue reading Les Mosses: A snow shoe hike

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Leysin: Winter hiking for beginners

By the time we arrived in Switzerland in February half term, we were a little tired of grey skies and jaded with everyday city life.When we're at home in Liverpool, we try to ensure that we get as much fresh air into our lungs as possible but we often find it difficult. Working full time, often with extra… Continue reading Leysin: Winter hiking for beginners

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Lake Geneva Region, Switzerland

In the last boxing day sales, I was fortunate enough to grab a pair of bargain seats from Liverpool to Geneva; thank you easyJet! As we have family friends living in Switzerland, Conor and I decided that this beautiful country would be the perfect escape for an otherwise gloomy-looking February half term. We caught the 7am… Continue reading Lake Geneva Region, Switzerland

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South Coast Road Trip (Iceland)

Now, you've probably seen 'Road Trip!' and lots of excited emojis posted on instagram/facebook/twitter quite a lot and you then realise after delving further that these people are, more than likely, driving one hour up the road to Leeds, and probably back again in the same day. (I too may be a little guilty of this...)… Continue reading South Coast Road Trip (Iceland)

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Golden Circle, Iceland

You know that you're having a good day when you've just taken a very cold but breathtaking walk through Þingvellir national park and you arrive back at your rental car to eat lunch - bread, cheese, some interesting Icelandic meat and Skyr yogurt - and this little beauty of a 90's hit comes on the radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1fzJ_AYajA The… Continue reading Golden Circle, Iceland